We love to get email from our customers and this one was so sweet we just had to share!

Thought I’d share this unique Doggie Bakery and Gift Shop located in Newburyport, Massachusetts, where Jeff & I,and our 6 PONs have had the pleasure to shop.

If you live near, or are vacationing near there, please stop by and say hello to Judy, the Owner.  First, she’s very creative and she loves the dogs…especially PONs. If you live anywhere else, Judy will create, and ship just about anything.

One Christmas, we received a gift from a good friend, who described what she wanted to Judy at Just Dogs. Judy created the most beautiful PON Gingerbread house you ever saw. It took us a year to even think about eating any of it.  If you have someone you want to send an unusual basket filled with doggie stuff…cookies made like lambs, etc., don’t hesitate to call Judy.  Tell her you have Polish Lowland Sheepdogs, like Brady JR. and Peppermint Patti, who visit her Store just about every day. She creates for all breeds, not just the PON.

We’re hoping to get up that way in the next few weeks and, again, will be traveling with all 6 PONs. Got my eye out for anything PON like.

– Merrilee and Jeff