A tired dog is a happy dog, and happy dogs like to run and roam! But I take my dog for a walk every night around the block. The block is boring! Take your dog some place different. Get out – really out – and enjoy some of the local scenery with man’s best friend. Your dog will thank you.

We’ll list the very local places first and then a few that are slightly father away. In no particular order:

Maudslay State Park, Newburyport

If you’ve never been to Maudslay, you don’t know what your missing. Numerous trials and vast fields will satisfy both fido and you. Parking is $2.00, and trail maps are avaialbe on the state website. Open year round. – Get the map!


Mosley Pines, Newburyport

Something of a sister park to Maudslay, Mosley Pines offers trails through a thick pine forrest that over looks the Merrimac River. Parking is free and open year round. – Get the map!

Bradley Palmer, Topsfield

A seven hundred plus acre park with hills, streams, and fields. There is even a winding paved path for the less adventurous. Open year round from dawn to dusk, and parking is free. – Get the map!

Clipper City Rail Trial, Newburyport

This trial runs along the old railroad bed, which used to run from Boston and beyond, to the great white north New England. You can try to walk the entire length, but we don’t advise it. Instead, keep to the paved trial, which spans from Newburyport to Salisbury (a bridge crossing is order, unless your dog can fly. There’s a breed that can do that, right?) – Get the map!

Old 95, Newburyport

The old 95 is nesteled between thick woods and the new 95. It can be reached from either story ave (the north most end) and Hale st. It’s remote and quite, apart from the hum of the highway in the distance. You and the dog both can feel safe walking in the middle of this road. Get the map!

Oak Hill Cemetery, Newburyport

It’s not what you think. Oak Hill is a beautiful resting place. It’s also a great place for a long walk with the dog. Wide paths underneath a canopy of oak trees, and georgeous 19th century historical momuments. There’s also a path at the north east corner of the hill near the water tower that links up with March’s hill – another good place for a walk. – Get the map!

Old Town Hill, Newbury

A series of dirt trials will lead you to the top of this 168 foot hill-top. Enjoy the view of the surrounding marsh, forrest and distant hills. This park is open year round, dawn to dusk.. NOTE: hiking can be strenuous in places. – Get the map!

BTA/BOLT, Boxford

The town of Boxford boasts more than 100 miles of trails to explore for all levels of fitness. Looking for a tough trail jog or a leisurely walk on a well groomed trail. There’s a trail for that. We’re sure you’ll find something that appeals to you and answers your need for the outdoor life. – Visit the site for maps and guides! And – bonus – they hold a dog show every summer to benefit the park! This years will take place on June 8th from 11:30-1:30. Visit the site for details.

And don’t forget! When you get out in the outdoors you’ll need the right gear. Stop by our store to see our selection of packs, portable water bowls, leashes, collars and convenient gadgets to clean up after your pup.