We’ve all sat down on the couch the dog isn’t supposed to get on (but he does anyway and we’ve given up) and smelled that slight perfume de’ pet. It’s not quite wet dog, it’s not quite sweaty dog, it’s own smell and it’s hard to get out of the car, the comforter, or where ever else your best friend has snuggled up.

Worse are the smells that remain after an accident – or even worse than that – SKUNK!

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Just Dogs has plenty of experience with these offending odors and all of the products that eliminate them. And what we’ve found to be phenomenal is the Kanberra Essential Oil Air Purifiers.

Affordable solutions to pet odor problems, they have a fresh, natural smell and absorbent chemistry that makes smells disappear. They provide allergy relief for pets and owners, are all natural with no chemicals and are safe around kids & pets. Plus! They are a safe and effective method for repelling insects like fleas, ticks, etc!

We are thrilled that we can now offer them to you too!

They come in a several mediums for different air purifying tasks

Kanberra Gel® – Vapor degrades mold, mildew, fungus & bacteria to purify your air. Once contaminants are eliminated, odors disappear, naturally.

Kanberra Spray® – Removes odors in an instant and a mist.

Kanberra Wipes® – Provide an all-natural clean with just one wipe. (These are great for dogs, but you shouldn’t use them on cats.)

We find them to be great for all kinds of smells beyond pet smells. Really areas that get wet, dirty or are exposed to non-furry kid traffic. We just can’t get over how useful they are!

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We have all three items in stock now if you’d like to come down for a sniff! And if you want more proof. Check out the testimonials below!


Our dog had encountered a skunk in the yard, and she got into the family room thru the back door! Before we could catch her, she had passed that awful smell through the house. After a few days of suffering with the odor, we went out and purchased the biggest container of Kanberra Gel we would find. Within hours of opening the gel, the odor started to disappear. Thank goodness for the strength of this product!

Shelly – New York

Our home has had a musty/mildew odor in the basement due to the dampness down there. We placed the Kanberra Gel in the areas that were affected and it was “amazing” how it disolved the strong odor. I also like the fact that it is a “natural” product…no chemicals.

Patti – New York

I want to let you know that Kanberra Gel is the best thing for keeping the living quarters in our horse trailer clean and bacteria free.

Before I used this great product, there was a musty odor coming from the storage area for the water lines etc. I put a small gel container in there and it is now sweet smelling and clean. One jar lasts all season and with one in during the fall/winter time – we are odor free all year long.

I would recommend this product to anyone with a camper or any area in the home in need of refreshing.