Dog’s skin, though mostly covered with fur, isn’t that different than a human’s. These tough, snowy New England winters can really take it’s toll leaving your canine companion itchy and dry. Paws are especially vulnerable as they are not only exposed to the dry air but also to the road salt and other chemicals when they’re outdoors. At this point in the winter you may notice their pads have become scaly and rough.

The quickest way to prevent this kind of damage is to put on some rugged outdoor boots (we carry Pawz Disposables and Ruffwear Summit Trex Boots in our store), but not all dogs appreciate the superior protection they provide and would prefer you let their toes be free. So for picky pups we carry Musher’s Secret. In fact, it’s one of the most useful products we carry!

Musher’s Secret is a blend of food-grade waxes, that when applied to the paws and in between the toes protects your dogs paws from salt, sand and ice that coats the roadway in winter. It also helps to heal and sooth pads that may already be cracked or dry and prevents new abrasions that can lead to infection.

We recommend that dog owners use it weekly – it drys in seconds so it’s not a project to  apply – but it can be applied less frequently if your dog spends less time outdoors. Non-toxic, non-allergenic, non-staining formula means you it’s safe for both your pup and your nice, new carpet too.

So this winter, stop by our store and try out Musher’s Secret. Your canine companion will appreciate this balm and have comfy paws all season long.