Customers have requested, and Ruffwear has delivered. Over the years, the Web Master™ Harness has received countless praise for it’s multi-use capabilities and Houdini-proof secure fit. On top of this praise, we have also heard the request for a simple every-day harness for both outdoor and daily urban excursions.

Applying our understanding of fit and function from years of refinement with the Web Master Harness, the Ruffwear product development team tested prototype after prototype, receiving feedback from over 30 field testers, adding essential features and stripping away the superfluous to create our brand new Front Range™ Harness for everyday adventures – available August 1st, 2014.


The Front Range Harness delivers a comfortable, easy-to-put-on and remove solution for daily use whether venturing on trail or paved paths.

With four-way adjustment that includes two sheltered side-release buckles, customizing the fit to your dog’s body is simple and precise.


The two leash attachment points provide options – attach to the rear aluminum V-ring when heading out for a run or hike, or clip to the front reinforced webbing attachment for no-pull training or walking and running.


The Front Range Harness also includes reflective trim for low-light visibility and a labeled ID pocket to store tags jingle-free.


Available in five sizes and four colors, the Front Range Harness is the
new go-to dog harness for everyday outings and adventures.


Now available. Stop in and test one out
before you buy.