Looking to bring a new dog into your home?

Here’s 10 reasons why you should consider adoption…



Shelters Can Help Find The Right Dog
You’ve no idea of what the temperament is of a dog you purchase at pet stores. Pet shelters know the temperament of their dogs and can help find the right fit for you.


 Shelters Dogs Will Be Healthier
Dogs in shelters have usually checked out by a vet, are fixed and up to date on their shots. You are adopting a dog you know is healthy. If there are any pre existing conditions, the shelter will have made the adopter aware so there are no surprises right out of the gate.

Puppies AND Purebreds
Shelters have puppies and pure bred dogs! If you NEED either, visit your local shelter and see what is available

JD_pic2You Won’t Be Supporting Puppy Mills
You can never know what conditions a pet store dog was raised in (which means you may be supporting puppy mills). When you adopt, that’s one less sale into the pockets of these irresponsible breeders. Don’t shop… ADOPT!

You Save A Life
Many shelters euthanize dogs. When you adopt, you’re saving a dog’s life. This is incredibly rewarding for BOTH you and the dog.

JD_pic8.bjpgYou Give The Shelter Room For Another Dog
Not only are you giving a wonderful home to this shelter dog, but you are making room for another dog to be saved as well. Even shelters that don’t euthanize, can only help so many dogs before they fill up.

You Help Reduces The Pet Overpopulation Problem
When you buy from a pet store, you create demand for more puppies. This means breeders continue to breed their dogs to make more sales. When you adopt, you’re giving a dog that’s been abandoned or rescued a home, reducing the need for additional breeding.


Shelters Dogs Are Often Already Trained
Some shelters utilize foster homes to raise their dogs. Dog foster homes expose these dogs to proper house training. Dogs abandoned to the outdoors may also be re-trained to live indoors, thereby making the pet-owner relationship even more enjoyable.

Shelters Dogs Are Affordable
Adopting from a shelter is much more affordable than buying from a pet store or breeder. Though prices vary from shelter to shelter, you will not only save money on the cost of the dog, but on vet care as well, as most shelter dogs have already been fixed (which can save you hundreds of dollars)

You Sleep Better (It’s True!)
It’s a great feeling, knowing that you’ve brought this dog that needed help and a home, into yours. You know you’ve made the world a better place for it (and they know too).