This except was taken from a fantastic article from the correspondents at the Boston Globe!

“In Newburyport, burger and fries for dogs

For dog treats that do not resemble cardboard, there is Just Dogs of Newburyport, a five-year-old shop that decorates baked dog treats of all shapes and sizes.

One popular combination is the burger and fries. The fries ($2) are wheat-based, hand-cut, and flavored with Parmesan cheese. The burger ($3) consists of two shortbread-type treats for the bun, and a rolled-oats patty flavored with carob. The “ketchup” and “mustard” are yogurt-based coatings.

Owner Judy Hoover said the treats are made weekly and are all of human-grade quality. “What you’ll find is we use fewer ingredients, and it’s actually better for you,” she said.“I spend more time looking at what the dogs are eating than I do for myself.””

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