Getting ready to bring home your first dog or adding a member to your fuzzy family? It can be hectic. But Just Dogs is hear to help Newburyport dog families get prepared for your pups arrival. Our staff complied this list of necessities and accessories that you’ll need on hand for your new dog.

Buckle or Clip Closure Collar

This will be the collar your best friend will wear all the time. We recommend leather or non-stretch material. (We have many in cute seasonal colors and patterns!) When you put it on, you’ll want to make sure it is “2-fingers” snug and your dog can’t slip it over his head.

ID Tag

You’ll want to order a tag with your dogs name, a phone number where you can be reached. You many also choose to add a city and state. If you plan to offer a reward if your dog is lost, you may want to add that to the tag as well. Securely attach this to your dogs collar along with their registration and rabies tag.


Excited dogs in new environments, especially if they haven’t had much training, are tough to walk. Harnesses as well as martingale collars can be helpful as your new dog learns to walk with you. Every dog is different though so we recommend that you have yours fitted at our store. We’ll even show you how to put it on your pup and let you take a walk with your potential purpose to make sure you and your dog enjoy it.


A tough leash with a strong clasp is recommended in addition to a harness. You may also want to consider a retractable leash to practice come and stay commands with your dog or just give them a bit more freedom when you’re out for a walk. We have both in stock (and many with comfort grips and feature that keep your hand and arm comfortable so you can walk a little longer!)

Waste Bags

For picking up after our dog, a small supply of plastic bags that attach to your leash will make you a good neighbor. And with new biodegradable options you can be a good steward of your environment too.


A crate can be an important tool when your dog first joins your household. They can be used to help them learn to sleep quietly, avoid accidents or destructive behavior when you’re not home and allow them to have a quiet, safe space of their own to relax in. (But we should mention, a crate isn’t a dog house and your dog should not be crated for long periods of time.)  We could honestly write a whole article on crate training but for now, take a look at the ASPCA’s article on the subject. It has great instructions, tips and tricks!

Baby Gates

Not everyone will need this but if there are places in your home you don’t want your dog to go or that are unsafe, a baby gate is a great way to confine them. Make sure your pup can’t get his head or paws caught in gate and that he can’t chew through the bars. Keep in mind the size of your dog as well. If your have a sizable beast jumping over the gate or knocking it down could be a concern.


Consider getting your dog an easy to clean, thick bed to snuggle up on. Especially if you don’t want him on your bed! In our store we have several bedding options made specifically with your dog’s comfort, durability and ease of cleaning in mind. Plus, they come in  a number of attractive patterns and colors to complement your home. (We know you’re dog is probably not concerned with the pretty nautical pattern on his bed, but trust us, you will!)

Water and Food Bowls

We recommend stainless steel or ceramic bowls that are weighted, textured on the bottom or otherwise stabilized to prevent “travel” and spills. (You may also want to pick up a mat to protect your floors.) We also carry bowls that train your dog to eat in a way that encourages healthy digestions. Ask the staff what’s best for your pup!

Grooming Supplies

You may plan on taking your new dog to the groomer but in between visits or if you’re a do it yourself having the right tools and shampoos will be invaluable. In our store, we carry Mutt Nose Best shampoos!

Pet-Specific Cleaners

Stuff happens and it’s best to be prepared to remove stains and odors. Different cleaners are good for different problems and surfaces so you’ll have to do a little guess and check in your home in terms of stain removal. For odor removal, we carry Kanberra Pet Odor Eliminators. They come in a variety of mediums to suit your space and are all natural so they will be safe to use around your new dog.


We recommend a combination of wet and dry food but every dog is different. Talk to your vet about the ideal diet for your pup. Use a good grade of dog food. Feeding your dog the right, high quality food, can lead to lower vet bills and keep your dog healthy and happy.


Treats are perfect for training, reinforcing good behavior or just to show your new pup a little love. Just Dogs has a number of treats. Each has been carefully selected to give your dog a healthy variety of protein sources, interesting textures to gnaw, chew and even improve deal health and breath. Plus, we’ve weeded out artificial ingredients that just aren’t healthy.


Toys, like treats, come in a variety of styles and serve a lot of different purposes. Soft toys for comfort, tough toys for tough play and items that you can play with together.  They can be used to comfort your dog, keep them busy, used as training aides or just to get that extra energy out of their system. We have toys to suit every dog! (And we have adorable seasonal toys as well!) Stop in you and your new dog can check them all out.

There are always things that you’ll in in addition to the basics but this is a good “getting started” set of items. At Just Dogs, our staff is extremely knowledgeable about dogs needs and wants so if you have any questions at all, please feel free to stop in, give us a call at 978-465-8400 or email and we’ll get you the answers you need.