Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we’re meditating on all the things we are thankful for, chief of which is man’s best friend. There are so many reasons to hold our pups near and dear this holiday season. Here are a few important reason why:


They keep us moving.

Whether its throwing the ball around the yard, an evening stroll or a 10 mile uphill climb, our dogs motivate us to get up and get moving! Researchers have even found that our pups provide support in similar ways to a human exercise buddy, but with greater consistency and without any negative influence. They say a tired dog is a happy dog, but a dog tired human who’s spent the whole day hiking with their dog is pretty happy too.

The keep us sane.

Did you know dog owners are less likely to suffer from depression than those without pets and playing with or petting your dog lowers blood pressure and can increase serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain, which calm and relax? And really, how can you look at your dogs adorable face and feel anything but joy?


They help us make friends.

We’ve struck up conversations at the dog park, on the trail and even as we walk down the street and we’re sure you have too! If you’ve met another person with their best friend in tow, you’ve already got something in common to chat about. Studies have even shown that children who have dogs are better at fostering relationships with other children.


They teach our kids responsibility.

Our dogs don’t just live on affection alone. They need to clean water, nutritious food, exercise and a trip to the vet every now an then on top of all those hugs. When children have pets, they learn to care for those that depend on them. These lessons last long into adulthood.


They are with us through thick and thin.

Having a bad day? Your dog will give you a furry shoulder to cry on. Having a good day? Let’s celebrate with a game of fetch! Dogs are always happy to see you no matter what mood you’re in and you’ll never hear them utter, “I told you so,” when something has gone awry. You’re dog is your best friend and that, maybe more than any other reason, is why we are thankful they are in our lives.