As humans, every January 1st we hit the gym, hit the books or start booking appointment to satisfy a new set of resolutions. Our dogs, however, live a life not penned in by dates and times. (Which must be nice.) But, that also means you need to take care of their New Years resolutions for them. We have a few suggestions that will improve your dog’s life and will make you a better person as well!

man and dog walking on park

Take longer walks.

Many of us either let our dogs out to run around by themselves or take a brief walk around the block for a bathroom break. This year consider walking at least a mile per day with your dog. It’s really a no brainer that this will improve your dogs health and yours but did you know walking also aids in digestion and helps to curb bad behavior such as hyperactivity and unruliness. It will also promote a better bond and sense of trust between you and your dog.

English Bulldog yourself riding on the board

Take a class.

We could all stand to learn new tricks, even if we’re old dogs. Taking an obedience class with your dog will make it easier to have more fun with your dog. Leaning basic commands like “stay down”, “wait” and “leave it” will make it easier to take your dog along with you when you go out. If you’ve already got sit, stay, and roll over down maybe consider taking more advanced courses or agility training. These classes are fun for your dog and are also a great way for you to meet new people.

Pet Therapy Dog Visiting Senior Female Patient In Hospital


You – and your dog – can make the world a better place. With the right training, there are opportunities for dogs to bring joy and healing into the lives of the elderly or disabled as therapy dogs or special visitors. Contact your favorite obedience school for more information about these programs and certifications. If you’d like to improve the lives of dogs in general there are plenty of things you can do! Walking dogs or helping to clean at your local shelter, volunteering as a photographer for adoption centers, even stuffing envelopes or IT support can be helpful. Call your local animal shelter to find out what they need!

We wish you the best of luck with all your resolutions and hope that you and your pup enjoy every second of 2016!.