July 14, 2015

Separation anxiety got your dog down?

It would be amazing if we could take our dogs everywhere with us – to the movies, to job interviews, weddings and fancy restaurants. But alas, that’s not the world we live in and occasionally our fuzzy best friend has to stay home. For your dog, spending time alone can […]
February 25, 2015

Do Away With Dry Winter Paws

Dog’s skin, though mostly covered with fur, isn’t that different than a human’s. These tough, snowy New England winters can really take it’s toll leaving your canine companion itchy and dry. Paws are especially vulnerable as they are not only exposed to the dry air but also to the road […]
November 14, 2014

Toy Destroyers put the Huckama and Turnup to the test!

We’ve been fascinated to watch the RuffWear Toy Destroyer challenge over the last month. The Turnup and Huckmana are tough toys and were put to the test by some of toughest pups out there: Ari, Dozer, Maya, Henrietta and Ryker. You can read updates from week one, week two and […]
August 8, 2014

The Front Range Dog Harness

Customers have requested, and Ruffwear has delivered. Over the years, the Web Master™ Harness has received countless praise for it’s multi-use capabilities and Houdini-proof secure fit. On top of this praise, we have also heard the request for a simple every-day harness for both outdoor and daily urban excursions. Applying […]